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The album artwork is this one kid in band who got hit in the face playing some stupid game or something and he must've gotten hurt somehow and he just laid on the floor and cried for like 20 minutes. Some how everyone noticed but the teacher and would rotate turns of standing there and watching him.

The first track features a series of recordings made on my old phone in band class during an entire period of "practice time" which basically meant do whatever you fucking want for 2 hours. I (Kyle) play Euphonium as well as Lyle and this kid Brad also on euphonium. A lot of what I'd try to do would be to try and mimic what they were actually practicing as comically as possible. I wanted it to be like two drunk seals barking at each other mixed with how dribbling two basketballs at once starts out normal but sounds dumber and dumber as the bounces going in and out of sync with each other. The rest is just me and Lyle screwing around with the various instruments laying around the band room.

The second track was recorded by me on piano and my good friend Lyle Steindler on Euphonium in the auditorium hallway outside of the band hallway. It was a song about this kid, Matt, being a bitch. You see, the band teacher had just repainted the band storage closet wall due it being obscenely defaced over the years. He made a big deal about how the administration was mad at him for allowing the wall to be defaced for so long, and a big deal about how nobody better mess that wall now. But of course not even half the class had gone by before one lone idiot, Matt, Scared of Sex", decided to carve "PROBLEM?" on the wall. I fucking saw him do it and I was like Matt he literally just made such a big deal about that wall and you have to immediately go and write the stupidest possible thing on it. After we performed this song, some girl who was there who I had never met before came up to me and said: "Hey you should listen to In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel." Then I just smiled, and turned away.


released February 10, 2014

Kyle Hvizdash
Lyle Steindler



all rights reserved


Herbert Hoover's Four Fresh Frozen Pizza Emporium Manassas, Virginia

HHFFFPE consisted of the four main "pizzas" Kyle Hvizdash, Ryan Wesdock, Jake Boge, and Nick Andjello, who would summon the central mystical and most circular of all fifth pizza deity Lord and Savior Spenser "Christ" White to produce a variety of avant garde music.
Over the years the emporium grew to include many other bonus slices: Kazi, Gretchen, Twats, Lyle, JLong, Mike A. Disbanded in 2015.
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