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The follow up release to SSWWSS, this album was recorded over a much larger period of time and at a variety of places. In this album we see all five orginal members contributing as well as a few featured guests. We see Kyle, Ryan, Spenser, Jake, and Nick really experimenting with their sound to create an interesting and enjoyable work of avant garde music. It was originally not intended to be one full album, but a collection of side projects, the best songs of which eventually ended up being condensed down into this album. Perhaps the greatest legacy to the Herbert Hoover Emporium, this album is a retrospective of the creative spirit and friendship of the band.
Track 1 and 2 were recordings made on the tascam field recorder by Kyle Hvizdash, Track 3 features Kyle on organ and Jacob Long on the line 6 "noise" recorded in Kyle's room. Track 4 and 5 were recorded in Spenser's living room by Ryan on keys and Kyle on the electronic drumset that he lugged in, originally made to be beats for Spenser and Nick to rap over later at a house party, but ended up just being instrumentals. Track 6 and 9 are clips taken from the show "I Almost Got Away With It". Track 7 features Amanda and Haley, two good friends of the collective on vocals with Jake and Ryan and with Kyle on harmonica. Prior to recording the song, Amanda had dropped a jar of pickled cactus that Ryan/Jake had brought on the ground and it had shattered. Despite cleaning it up, towards the end of the song Amanda ends up stepping on a missed piece of cactus jar glass and starts freaking out and bleeding all over the place, since everyone else was already screaming and freaking out for the song, no one really noticed her legitimate pain until the end. It was dealt with and everything ended up for the most part being fine. The raw violence and horror in that song make it more powerful anyways. It was recorded at Haley's house in the forest while her mom was out singing karaoke. Track 8 is the follow-up, as Haley's mom was coming back, and since Kyle, Ryan and Jake were too drunk to drive home, they decided to spend the night in the large dusty barn behind her house. So Kyle grabbed Haleys banjo and a couple other small things (and a bottle of 190 proof) and they went into the barn. In the barn at 230 am, Kyle on banjo, Ryan on kazoo, and Jake on harmonica played a tribute song to Lyle who had awkwardly left the "party" earlier in the night when he had learned there might be illegal activities. The next morning, Haley and Amanda brought them eggs and shit was cool. Tracks 10-12 were recorded after Ryan, Kyle, Spenser, Nick, and Jake all hung out by the recently discovered river spot in Kyle's neighborhood. Prior to meeting up at the river, Kyle picked up Spenser and they had stopped at a mexican thrift store where Spenser convinced Kyle to purchase a bust of John F. Kennedy for 8$. They brought the Kennedy with them on the trip into the forest and after going back to Kyle's house to sleep, the next morning, recorded the Epic of the Porcelain Kennedy, a musical recollection of the adventures that porcelain kennedy faced the night before in the forest. Features Kyle on Banjo and Vocals, Spenser on Guitar and Vocals, and Jake, Ryan, and Nick on vocals. Tracks 13-14 were recorded in Kyle's room studio with Spenser, Ryan, Kyle, Nick, and Jake all on varying instruments. Tracks 15-16 were recorded in the same place but with Nick and Jake on organ, Kyle on drums and featuring Micah Furr on vocals. Recorded one of the days getting out of school early after graduation practice. All of the songs document more that just music, but the good times had by the band before the eventual difficult emotional breakup of the collective.


released April 20, 2014

Kyle Hvizdash
Ryan Wesdock
Spenser White
Jake Boge
Nick Anjello

Jacob Long
Mike A Furr
Amanda Windley
Haley Yeepun
James Blake



all rights reserved


Herbert Hoover's Four Fresh Frozen Pizza Emporium Manassas, Virginia

HHFFFPE consisted of the four main "pizzas" Kyle Hvizdash, Ryan Wesdock, Jake Boge, and Nick Andjello, who would summon the central mystical and most circular of all fifth pizza deity Lord and Savior Spenser "Christ" White to produce a variety of avant garde music.
Over the years the emporium grew to include many other bonus slices: Kazi, Gretchen, Twats, Lyle, JLong, Mike A. Disbanded in 2015.
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